Our company, which has full integration with 12.000 m2 closed knitting, dye, garment and printing departments, produces 600.000 pieces / month. A total of 60 Santoni Knitting Machines (SM8 TOP2) in the knitting department; A total of 3 paint boilers equal to the knitting capacity in the paint shop; There are 2 drying machines, 1 sample boiler and a laboratory where color studies can be done. In the 55 machine sewing track; We have all kinds of machines used for sewing seamless clothing products and our own iron / package, tampography printing and transfer printing departments. Outerwear, underwear, corset, activewear

About Us

To produce seamless wear in 2004; Our company, which was established in full integration with knitting, dyeing and garment facilities; Today, it is one of the leading manufacturers in its field with a production capacity of 600.000 pieces / month. With the effective use of technology and innovative approach; We are aware that fast adaptation to the changing world dynamics and innovation are priority values. Together with our employees, customers and suppliers; With the awareness that universal ethical values and trust are the basis of our continuity and success; Our change-oriented and innovative approach carries us to success. Our customer-oriented